KD Suite Review And Bonus

KD Suite is a bundle of 3 software programs that will help Kindle publishers improve their efficiency, productivity and income when publishing Kindle eBooks.

The KD Suite includes:

KD Bestseller Analyzer to quickly uncover extremely profitable, yet not very
competitive niches that are hidden within the Amazon Kindle Bestsellers.

KD Search Analyzer extracts hundreds of buyer keywords that you can’t find
anywhere else. These keywords are exactly what Kindle users are searching for right now.

KD Ebook Marketer is perfect for the critical marketing phase of your Kindle
business. It extracts contact information of other Kindle authors.

KD Suite Software Upgrades:

The offer includes two optional upgrades. They are both priced at $47, but will
soon increase in price.

The Book Graphics Creator software upgrade allows you to create professional
ebook covers within minutes, with a simple point-and-click interface.

The Social Lead Fox software upgrade allows you to extracts leads from the
Facebook Application Interface to drive traffic to your Kindle books.



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